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IMAC Introduces Fiber Optic Designs

Are you seeking ways to freshen up your entertainment space with a new look or design? Join the design revolution for trendsetters in search of innovative ways to create an immersive entertainment area.

Fiberoptic ceilings consist of ceiling panels adorned with fiberoptic lights. This type of lighting produces 6450 footcandles when positioned at a working distance of approximately 4.5 inches. Transform your ceiling into a nocturnal sky by selecting from various options, including still lights, twinkling lights, and even shooting stars.

No contemporary entertainment space would be deemed complete without the addition of fiberoptic ceilings.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can incorporate fiberoptic ceilings into your TV room, game room, man cave, or any other space where design intersects with home. Designers, discover how you can ensure your clients' homes are enviable.

Learn more about fiberoptics: About Fiberoptic PDFs



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