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Our Process

* Shop images are actual images of real projects.

Fabrication & Installation Process

We'll hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way. 

STEP 1: Get a quote 

Email, fax, or hand deliver us your vision. It could be a hand drawn sketch or a designer's blueprint. We'll help you source the material and provide you with the cost of fabrication labor, materials, and installation at competitive pricing. Speak to our in-house designer for recommendations or view material options through the virtual room visualizers provided by our suppliers. We also provide professional sketches upon request.

STEP 2: Choose Your Stone 

Our in-house designer will personally take you shopping for the perfect slab of your dream material with one of our trusted suppliers, at no additional cost. It's a part of our excellent service process. Your initial deposit is accepted and your material(s) is/are ordered, delivered, and stored in our warehouse.





STEP 3: Template 

We'll send our experts to your location to template your project. Traditional stone templating is the process of using a physical pattern as a guide for accurate measurement. Our traditional style of templating eliminates cutting errors. The templating step is also where we cross check exactly where your sink, faucet, stove top, and other cut-outs will be.



STEP 4: Fabricate

Fabrication is the process of molding your stone which includes the overall shaping, edging, and polishing. We use top of the line diamond cutters and fabrication tools to craft your project. Like any art, stone fabrication relies on the keen eyes of our highly experienced team of cutters and fabricators to shape your vision. If you can dream it we can shape it. Visit our gallery to see our signature work.







5: Install 

Your project manager will coordinate with you on the date of installation based on your needs. If your project is international we will carefully crate your project for safe delivery. Our team of installation professionals will deliver the finished product to your project site and begin installation while maintaining the neatest work environment possible. Post clean up is a part of our excellent service guarantee and final photos are taken. Final payment is remitted.




STEP 6: Follow-up Care 

We will ask you to review our work and provide you with review options. Depending on the project we will visit the job site for an in-depth assessment. For most projects we'll rely on your feedback and our photos to ensure that your vision is complete. You may receive an email follow-up letter as well. As a small business we value every customer and rely on your satisfaction to continue our reputation for quality and service.




Our recommended designers and other suppliers are available to help you design and compliment your project to include overall home renovation, cabinets, accessories, decorations, paint, and more.

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